Hydrogen Purifiers to Middle East


Power+Energy Ships Next-Generation Hydrogen Purifiers

Micro-channel membrane technology results in high capacity and low cost of ownership


Power+Energy Inc. (P+E) has shipped two high capacity micro-channel hydrogen purifiers to a customer located in the Middle East. Each of the two model PE91370S units shipped has the capacity to purify 2,900 cubic feet per hour (82 cubic meters per hour) of hydrogen at standard operating conditions. Using advanced membrane technology developed under a series of Defense Department contracts, Power+Energy has increased the maximum capacity of its PE9000C series purifiers by 300 percent while still maintaining the smallest system footprint among its competitors.
P+E’s proprietary micro-channel membrane design greatly increases membrane area per unit volume and reduces floor space required by up to 75 percent. P+E also employs advanced, energy-saving technology, reducing power consumption by 80 percent versus comparable systems. When combined with the 98 percent hydrogen recovery efficiency, the result is the lowest cost of ownership available while consistently delivering high purity hydrogen with less than one part per billion (ppb) total impurities.

Power+Energy Inc. offers a wide range of micro-channel hydrogen purifier capacities for semiconductor and photovoltaic device manufacturing, materials processing, instrumentation and laboratory use. In addition, this purifier is ideal for supporting fuel cell applications, delivering hydrogen that complies with the SAE-J2719 guideline for automotive fuel cells. With the growing demand for hydrogen as an alternative fuel, P+E is seeing significant growth in purifiers used to clean up electrolytic hydrogen and other low purity sources.

In addition to its purifier products, P+E supplies hydrogen separation systems for removing hydrogen from reformed fuels including ethanol, diesel and military logistic fuels. P+E’s micro-channel membranes offer both consistently high purity and high hydrogen recovery rates for both types of systems.

Power+Energy will be exhibiting it purifiers in booth 411 at the CS ManTech Conference to be held at the Marriott Waterside Hotel in Tampa, Fla., from May 18-20, 2009.

P+E High Capacity Dual Micro-Channel Pd Hydrogen Purifiers Shipped to Qatar

About Power+Energy

Power & Energy is headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA. Established in 1993, the company’s mission is to enable the hydrogen economy and promote energy efficiency through the application of micro-channel technologies. The company provides a full range of micro-channel hydrogen purifiers to ultra-high purity users across the U.S., Asia and Europe.

Power & Energy is leading the way to the hydrogen economy with proprietary manufacturing and patented hydrogen purification, separation and generation technologies. Power & Energy’s Micro-Channel palladium-alloy hydrogen purifiers purify any grade of hydrogen to nine-nines purity, meeting the most stringent requirements for semiconductor fabrication processes, including light emitting diode manufacture, solar cell manufacture and the manufacture of other compound and silicon semiconductors. Power & Energy’s Micro-Channel hydrogen purifiers are also ideal for metallurgy, R&D, and instrumentation applications. Power & Energy’s Micro-Channel membrane systems can also be used to efficiently separate hydrogen from reformed fuels and synthesis gas mixtures.
Power & Energy is now applying its hydrogen expertise to the fuel cell vehicle refueling market. Power & Energy has recognized that highly compact, low cost, and efficient hydrogen generators that can convert existing liquid fuels to hydrogen at the refueling station will enable the rapid development of the hydrogen refueling infrastructure that fuel-cell vehicles will require. The company’s expertise in the design and manufacture of micro-channel gas processors provides the basis for this exciting new venture.

For further information, contact Noel Leeson, Power & Energy Inc., 106 Railroad Drive, Ivyland, PA 18974-1449, e-mail sales@powerandenergy.com.