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Asia Distributors Appointed for H2 Analyzers

P+E Asia Distributors

Labcare Scientific Group and AccuDEVICE Named New Asia Distributors for Power+Energy’s HEMS Technology P+E HEMS hydrogen (H2) quality analyzers detect trace contaminants, alert operators at compound semiconductor fabs in Taiwan and China FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE December 28, 2013, Ivyland, PA

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RMR for Steam Reforming of Methane

Energy & Fuels Journal

The Energy & Fuels Journal has published an article written by Power and Energy’s Peter Bossard and Luis Breziner: Radial Microchannel Reactors (RMRs) for Efficient and Compact Steam Reforming of Methane: Experimental Demonstration and Design Simulations Authors: Benjamin A. Wilhite, Luis Breziner, Jacques

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Hydrogen Fuel Cells – The Better Batteries?

Hydrogen Fueling

A Conversation With Power & Energy Inc. Kicking off our segment on hydrogen fuel cells is Noel Leeson of Power & Energy, Inc., a  technology company from Ivyland, Pennsylvania. Power & Energy, Inc. evolved from  hydrogen purification into the manufacturing of hydrogen

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P+E Sells Hydrogen Purifier Business

Power+Energy Sells its Hydrogen Purifier Business to SAES Pure Gas Inc. April 22, 2013, Ivyland, PA, USA On Friday 19 April 2013, Power & Energy Inc. (P+E), sold the intellectual property and all other rights to manufacture and market its low cost,

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