Hydrogen Purity Analyzers

[custom_frame_right]HEMS - Hydrogen Purity Analyzer[/custom_frame_right]The Power+Energy HEMS™ Hydrogen Purity Analyzer is a full spectrum instrument with limits of detection per impurity of < 1 ppb*.  The analyzer is self-calibrating and, with a short analytical cycle time, can be used as an on-line impurity monitor.  The compact package and automatic operation make it easy to use for quick sample verification at multiple points.

The HEMS (Hydrogen Elimination Measurement System) analyzer uses P+E’s patented palladium diffusion technology combined with advanced quadrupole mass spectrometry to achieve sub-parts-per-billion resolution.

Compared to other analyzers, HEMS offers detection of the broadest range of impurities in a compact enclosure with automated operation at an affordable cost.


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Product Applications

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