Fueling the Hydrogen Economy

Hydrogen Separators

Hydrogen Separators for Fuel Cells
Power+Energy Hydrogen Separators produce ultra-high purity hydrogen from hydrogen rich gas streams for Fuel Cells.  Each H2 separator may be custom designed to match the specific conditions of the customer’s application.  Power+Energy manufactures H2 separators ranging in hydrogen output from 0.5 slpm, capable of feeding a 50W fuel cell, up to 1,200 slpm, capable of feeding a 120kW fuel cell.
Our Separator technology is often used to extract the hydrogen from reformate streams generated by steam or auto-thermal reformers.  In other cases P+E Separators extract H2 from a process by-product stream, from bio-gas (digesters, etc.) or from closed-circuit H2 recirculation systems.H2 Separator Brochure


Design and Operation

Power+Energy Hydrogen Separators use Micro-Channel Palladium Alloy Membranes to extract hydrogen from the feed stream. For mixed gas streams containing sulfur compounds, a sulfur-tolerant palladium alloy is used.  In some applications, customers use a sweep gas, either nitrogen or steam, to boost the hydrogen recovery of the H2 separator.

H2 Separator Operating Parameters

Ordering Hydrogen Separators

Power+Energy will be pleased to design and manufacture H2 separators to meet your specific process condition.  Please click here to launch our Hydrogen Separator Requirements Form. Complete the form, and a P+E Design Engineer will contact you.

Product Applications

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    Tritium Separation at Nuclear Plants
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  • Cell Tower Auxiliary Power
    Fuel Cell Auxiliary Power Units
    From cell phone towers to temporary lighting to on-vehicle electronics, the need for reliable, efficient and low noise back-up electrical power generation is...

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