Hydrogen Purifiers in China and Taiwan


Power+Energy and Wah Lee Team Up to Supply Advanced Micro-channel Hydrogen Purifiers in China and Taiwan

Wah Lee to support LED, Photovoltaic and related industries

IVYLAND, Penn./EWORLDWIRE/ March 17, 2010

Power and Energy. Inc and Wah Lee Industrial Corp have announced a new partnership to supply Power and Energy’s range of advanced micro-channelhydrogen purifiers to the Taiwan and China markets.

With the widest flow range available in the industry, Power & Energy’s cost effective purifiers deliver 99.9999999% pure hydrogen to a range of end-users including, LED manufacturers, thin film Silicon photovoltaic manufacturers, semiconductor and LCD manufacturers, hydrogen fuel cell applications as well as universities and research institutes.

Wah Lee will exclusively sell and service Power and Energy’s purifiers inChina and Taiwan.

Commenting on the agreement, Power & Energy’s President and COO, Noel Leeson said, “The China and Taiwan markets are growing rapidly, and Power and Energy is looking forward to expanding its business in these very dynamic markets. Wah Lee is an established and highly respected supplier to our target markets and will provide first class sales and service support to our customers throughout Taiwan and China.”

Wah Lee’s Vice President, Gary Chang, commented, “Power and Energy’spurifiers are a valuable addition to the products and services that Wah Lee supplies to its customers in Taiwan and China. With our extensive network of representatives, office and service personnel, we are looking forward to working with Power and Energy to present these innovative and cost-effective purifiers to high purity hydrogen users in Taiwan and China.”

About Power+Energy

Power & Energy is headquartered in Pennsylvania, USA. Established in 1993, the company’s mission is to enable the hydrogen economy and promote energy efficiency through the application of micro-channel technologies. The company provides a full range of micro-channel hydrogen purifiers to ultra-high purity users across the U.S., Asia and Europe.

Power & Energy is leading the way to the hydrogen economy with proprietary manufacturing and patented hydrogen purification, separation and generation technologies. Power & Energy’s Micro-Channel palladium-alloy hydrogen purifiers purify any grade of hydrogen to nine-nines purity, meeting the most stringent requirements for semiconductor fabrication processes, including light emitting diode manufacture, solar cell manufacture and the manufacture of other compound and silicon semiconductors. Power & Energy’s Micro-Channel hydrogen purifiers are also ideal for metallurgy, R&D, and instrumentation applications. Power & Energy’s Micro-Channel membrane systems can also be used to efficiently separate hydrogen from reformed fuels and synthesis gas mixtures.
Power & Energy is now applying its hydrogen expertise to the fuel cell vehicle refueling market. Power & Energy has recognized that highly compact, low cost, and efficient hydrogen generators that can convert existing liquid fuels to hydrogen at the refueling station will enable the rapid development of the hydrogen refueling infrastructure that fuel-cell vehicles will require. The company’s expertise in the design and manufacture of micro-channel gas processors provides the basis for this exciting new venture.

For further information, contact Noel Leeson, Power & Energy Inc., 106 Railroad Drive, Ivyland, PA 18974-1449, e-mail sales@powerandenergy.com.