SAE J2719 Hydrogen Analyzer

Hydrogen Fuel for Vehicles

The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) has developed a specification for hydrogen intended for use in a PEM fuel cell in a motor vehicle, SAE J2719.  This same specification has been adopted internationally by the International Standards Organization (ISO).  Importantly the specification sets upper limits for the critical impurities of sulphur and carbon monoxide.  These impurities tend to damage the catalysts in the PEM fuel cell shortening the fuel cell lifetime.  Click here to visit the SAE International Website or here for the ISO Website.

Helping Stations meet SAE J2719

Power+Energy HEMS analyzers detect all impurities called out in SAEJ 2719 with part-per-billion (ppb) levels of resolution.  The HEMS SAE J2719 Hydrogen Analyzer allows fuel providers to certify that their H2 fuel meets industry standards.  HEMS also allows regulators and fuel station operators to verify that fuel being dispensed to the public meets the specification for quality.

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